The Best FREE Roulette Games for Fun and Practice

This is the simplest, classic roulette game you’ll ever find and the only one you should try. It is based on open source code (publicly available javascript). It is faster and safer than a flash game. It doesn’t need download, runs on your browser and doesn’t use any type of cookies or tracking. Most importantly, it is independent of any online casino or gaming software company. So go ahead, play and have some roulette fun. But don’t take it too seriously. Electronic roulette is a quick fix. It might be good for a bit of practice, but it’s nothing like the original game you’ll find in a real casino.

Free European roulette (mobile friendly, no download)

Play European Mobile Roulette for Free

Free French roulette (flash game by NetEnt)

NetEnt Free European roulette with French bets

Classic single zero Roulette with French bets

3d roulette French bets

Free American roulette (mobile friendly)

Play American Mobile Roulette for Free

The above games are the best roulette demos you’ll find all over the web. Before you start playing any other free roulette wheel game with or without download, take a minute to read further and learn why you should generally avoid them and what better options you have, to play without risking your money and privacy.

Don’t trust all free roulette games

Who makes and offers these free games?

These games do not not fall from the sky. They are usually three sources for these games:

  1. Independent programmers or software companies not related with casinos.
  2. Casino software providers, who create games for the online casino industry.
  3. Online casinos, who take the games from software companies and brand them.

They are a false representation of the original roulette

Many free online roulette demos are not fair, and some are even a scam. They use Random Number Generators (RNG) or semi-random algorithms to produce results. They usually make you win more often than you should, according to probability, in order to lure you to play with real money. They are not an realistic representation of the real game and can not be used for testing your roulette systems. You can win millions of play money in a free roulette simulation, but when you try the same method for real money, in a real casino or in an online roulette game with real dealers, you can go bust pretty soon.

It doesn’t make a big difference if it is a flash game that runs on the browser or a downloadable software. Most free online games are so designed, they use such algorithms, that you win most of the time. Sure you can lose in a free game, if you constantly bet all your money in straight up numbers. But they are so programmed to give you an advantage. Often the advantage is so small you don’t notice – it is an elaborate scam. But we are not here to debate how large or small the player advantage is in these games. The point is they are free for a reason: to make you win, have fun, get excited and believe that you can make real money if you play for real. Don’t fall for it. Don’t lose your time on them.

They could spy on you

Even with no download, free online roulette apps and simulations, can track your computer with cookies and other scripts, sometimes even malware. They can use dirty tactics and cunningness, to make you a customer with real money, without the transparency and disclosure of a reputable online casino, that offers a straightforward registration.

The fact that they use the “free roulette” trick to lure you into their casino, speaks for itself about the honesty of their operations. Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Sometimes, the information they collect from you, is so useful to them, they don’t even need you to sign up for a real money account.

Last but not least, most roulette simulations, record your bets to identify the system you use and reverse engineer your bets to understand your method of play. If you want to keep your strategy a secret, you should avoid roulette simulations like those found in sites like roulette-simulator info and rouletteplayers org.

Alternatives to free games and demos

Fortunately, there are much better options, for the roulette player who wants to play free. First of all you have to ask yourself, why you want play roulette without money. Because different answers to this question, mean different recommendations.

  • Do you want to practice how to play roulette? See the bets and payouts in action and prepare yourself for real action?
  • See the roulette wheel in action, how the ball lands on numbers and watch true roulette results and statistics as they happen.
  • Do you want test the performance of your roulette strategy and system ideas?
  • Do you want to just have fun?

Practice roulette

Keep in mind, that nothing beats visiting a brick and mortar casino. It’s the only way to experience the game live, next to other players, watch the dealer spin the ball and see the chips come and go on the green table. If you are a newbie, you can just watch and learn.

Anyway, the best way to practice roulette from home, is to register into a good, reputable online casino and play with “play money” or free tokens. It is true that in most casinos you won’t be able to bet on live roulette games without real money. There is no such thing as a free lunch. But in most cases you can play electronic 3D roulette free, with fake money.

Personally I don’t like roulette software and prefer roulette games with live dealers. Nonetheless, you can still get a good gasp of roulette bets and payouts with the free digital roulette games that are offered here.

Watch the the wheel in action

While in most cases, you wont be able to actually bet and get paid back with play-money in live roulette games, none is stopping you from entering a game with a live dealer and just watch the action, the wheel, the results and statistics absolutely free.

If you have never played roulette in a live casino before, I absolutely recommend to register and join a live roulette game. You will get a much needed understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the game. Let’s be honest, digital roulette is not the real deal. It’s just numbers on a screen; a computer game. True roulette is only played on a wooden wheel that turns before your eyes, while your pupils dilate watching the little ivory ball jumping in the wheeltrack before landing on the winning number. Immersive Roulette game, offers the best view of the roulette wheel.

evolution live roulette wheel closeup
Evolution’s Immersive roulette offers slow motion video footage of the last spin with zoom in on the ball.

Our recommended casinos are based on personal experience, roulette site reviews (askgamblers, pogg) and genuine player feedback.

Test the performance of a roulette system

This is a very important issue and we plan to write a dedicated article on how to test your methods and draw useful conclusions about their effectiveness. Here’s a short rundown:

  • Use pen and paper
  • Use Microsoft Excel. Excel can be user either as an alternative to pen and paper or with a little programming as full, automatic system tester.
  • Use a dedicated program like Roulette Extreme (download demo) by UXSoftware. Though you’d need to have programming skills or pay someone to program your system.
  • Use a web-based roulette simulator (not recommended)
  • Ask a fellow roulette player to test it for you, in our forum.

For all your practicing and testing needs we offer a huge database of all types of roulette spins, nicely categorized and free to download. Have fun!

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