How to flirt with a roulette dealer

You enter the casino. Your whole body is pumped with adrenaline and testosterone. The atmosphere is electric and overwhelming. All at once the lights are low but it’s bright with flashing lights and encouraging sounds of the slot machines. People are happy, the drinks are flowing, and money is being won. This is a world you want to be apart of but you are too good for sitting at a flashing box of fun by yourself. That is why you push forward into the depths of the casino and come across something that suits your level of sophistication – the Roulette Table.

It’s the game of European Nobles and dashing American mavericks. This is the table you belong at. Amongst this qualified peerage you will find your fame and fortune and with a little bit of luck you may have an attractive croupier that you can flirt with. It doesn’t hurt your chances of winning when the person who spins the wheel is attracted to you – that good sexy karma infuses in the ball and follows it onto the wheel. With some extra luck, you might have that sexy dealer warming your bedside. Such kinds of opportunities never present themselves when playing online – another reason to avoid those lifeless random number generators.

Make a bet

The first step to catching the croupier’s eye is to dress like a success. If you walk into the casino looking like you just rolled around the freeway in your underwear because you had nothing better to do on a Friday night, the Dealer you are trying to impress won’t be so impressed. They’ll think you are crazy, possibly poor, and will the ball to lose. However, if you enter with style, looking like you just walked out of the most important business meeting for a Fortune 500 company they’ll be so weak in the knees the table will have to hold them up. First impressions are everything when catching someone’s eye. Make sure you look like George Clooney and not Gary Busey.

What do you do once you’ve made it to the table in your fine suit and handsome face? You exude confidence. What do you do if you don’t have a handsome face? Exude confidence. Confidence is a key factor in convincing anyone they should have the hots for you. If you believe that you are the boss of the room and everyone in it is just there for the amusement of yourself, people will sense that. They will respect you and allow you to command the table. In any great European or US casino there are dozens of rich, handsome, charismatic men who sweat confidence. They have such an excess of it they bottle it up and sell it as a sexual enhancer in China. You need to be one of these guys. If you aren’t – confidence will help you pretend.

Let it ride

You’ve caught the croupier’s attention, now what do you do? Do you slouch around and feebly push your chips onto your desired color and number? Do you aggressively hover over the other players to make sure you are the dominant person at the table? No, unless you don’t really want to win the jackpot and a night between the sheets with her. Body language is an important, subtle, step in flirting. Standing with your arms crossed shows her that maybe you aren’t as open to finding the love of your life (you aren’t, you just want to win and have someone to celebrate it with before you go back to sorting mail for a living) and she doesn’t want to waste her time with someone who’s so closed off. Stand with your arms at your side or resting on the edge of the table. Mimic her body language to make her more at ease. It will subconsciously comfort her to see the similarities. Humans are weird in that we need a sense of familiarity to want to engage socially or sexually. Use that to your advantage.

Now that you have successfully caught her eye and she’s spending more time looking at you than watching the ball spin around the Roulette wheel, you’ve got to maintain her interest. Woman employ non-verbal flirting all the time and you have to know what to look for. They flip their hair when interested in someone, they lick their lips, they smile, and they make direct eye contact. They pretty much silently scream at you to make a move and drop you from their mind when you don’t. However, when you employ the same sort of tactic, they want nothing to do with it. No woman is interested in a man who is licking his lips and flipping his head back and forth to make his hair flop around at a Roulette table. In two seconds they will be indicating to the Pit to drag you out by that very same hair.


Women expect men to be direct with their flirting. They don’t want subtle signs and old man winks. They want you to be verbal. They want you to say something witty and direct. Compliment her eyes, her hair, and the way she drops the ball and spins the wheel. Let her know you are interested in her. If you aren’t interested in her, for the sake of the game, pretend.

If you show that you are more interested in her thoughts, and feelings, dreams and aspirations than you are winning big on red, she’ll respond to that. If you pay more attention to either the ball is going to land on a double zero while only throwing low brow compliments her way, she’ll drop you like it’s hot. As she’s constantly spinning that wheel, you want her to be thinking of spin your wheel. If all she is thinking about is you the ball is going to sense it and it’s going to want to help you win. It’s like your tiny little gambling wing-man that wants to help you score big.

If you’ve played your Roulette right and you’ve won a tidy sum that you intend on doing something irresponsibly cool with, when she is off shift she’s coming up to your hotel room to play with your balls.