Rigged roulette Wheel

Rigged roulette wheels are a reality,  though to what extend they are used is an issue of great debate. Player beware. Just try to take the ball from a roulette wheel casino and see what happens. They will get after you like you are the worst criminal. They don’t want to you to take their balls and test them (test what they are made of). There was a news story of a roulette player who took the ball from the wheel to test it and sue them in case he found something. The casino pursued him like there’s no tomorrow. After a while the story vanished and none heard of this case never again. Your guess what happened is as good as mine.

This is a very controversial subject. And a very serious one. Despite the usual answer “casinos don’t need to steal, they have the house advantage” I have evidence that human greed can lead even reputable casinos to less than reputable game conditions.

This roulette wheel comes from a private club in the south of France, where in the mid sixties a fraud took place. Eventually the club owners were arrested but the wheel suddenly appeared on ebay in the UK.

It has small electromagnets under each pocket and probably there will be a special ball type with a metal core going with the thing.

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